The Hates


Welcome to our site, you punks!

Pardon us if we're still a little high from our show at Rudyard's on February 3rd- it's the first time we've grabbed a stage together in over a year. It was a kickass night thanks to everyone who came, especially all of you who ran the pit from the first note all the way to the 3rd encore! You guys make a bunch of old punks feel kind of loved.

Special thanks to Punk Rock Stacy for letting us rip things up there again! It feels good, y'all.

We're taking things slow as Christian is still healing from his bout with cancer, but we're looking forward to two special events in our near future:

2 shows at the end of March in California


Punkfest #6 at The Continental Club on April 28th

More details are coming, so keep your eyes peeled.


In the meantime, don't forget to put some Oi! in your day!